Finally! We can steer it!

This could get filed in the “Its about damn time!” category.  We all know Deere has been lacking in the 3rd party integration department.  If you didn’t have a factory AccuGuide Ready Case Magnum you could not run integrated Deere Autotrac on other color machines.  Heck, they didn’t even have integrated kits for some of their 6000 and 7000 series tractors.  It looks like they have got their feet underneath them and are going to elbowing their way into the 3rd party integration business.  It only makes sense to get in there.  So many off color tractors pulling Deere planters that they need a single Precision Ag solution instead needing to have either an ATU or a second monitor to run the tractor guidance. So to kick that off Deere will be releasing a brand new Autotrac Controller toward the end of this year.  To go along with that new Autotrac Controller will be new integrated kits for quite a few models out the gate.

Deere has partnered with Raven and Reichhardt to either use some of their existing platform kits or develop new kits for 3rd party integration.  I know that some of you are thinking ‘It isn’t like Deere to partner with someone to build components for them’.  I couldn’t agree more.  Then came the part that sounded like Deere.  They are not using any of Raven or Reichhardt software.  Deere is only using the physical valves and hoses and writing their own software for the controller.  This will allow you to notice no difference on the monitor between driving a fully integrated Deere tractor or a off color tractor with a Deere integrated platform kit.  You will only have to order ONE part number for any given tractor so that means all the hoses and everything needed are all in the box and don’t have to remember to order the base platform kit then order a hose kit separately.

This new Autotrac Controller does come with some compatibility stopping points. You can use any of the following with the Autotrac Controller

  • Starfire iTC
  • Starfire 3000
  • GS2 1800
  • GS3 2630
  • iGuide
  • iSteer (Active Implement Guidance)

The new Autotrac Controller is not compatible with the following.

  • GS2 2600
  • iTEC Pro
  • Machine Sync

Here is a list of the machines that the new Autotrac Controller and kits are currently compatible with.

Compatibility List

I know from my discussions with some people at Intro that the New Hollands are currently being tested right now, but because of the Super Steer axle it is taking a bit longer.  The same goes with Cat track tractors.  I would be surprised if they aren’t released fairly soon.  They are also working on platform kits for combines and sprayers and SPFH among other things as well.

Looks like Deere is taking off in the right direction, but it is probably a bit dusty back there…

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